April 30, 2019

I'm delighted as Nazar completes 200 episodes: Ritu Chaudhry Seth

Ritu Chaudhry Seth, who is currently seen as Vedashree Rathod in Gul Khan's popular show 'Nazar' is elated as the show is all set to hit double century. The actress affirmed career-wise 'Nazar' is one of the best things happened to her.

"I'm delighted as Nazar completes 200 episodes, and what a beautiful exciting journey it's been. Initially we started off as a short series, but the show did so well that it got extended. Honestly, as an actor, it's been one of my most fulfilling roles so far. From playing a mother and doing the most beautiful, emotional scenes to wielding a gun with a lot of swag, shooting arrows, climbing up a wall, chilling on a bathtub, to swimming in a lake, I have done it all in this short span of time,"
 Ritu quipped.

She further added, "For an actor this kind of a role and setup is nothing short of a dream come true. Having been in the industry for so many years have worked with the best people there are, but there is something special about this team. The work atmosphere is so positive and vibrant that it makes coming to work every day a pleasure. So here's to the 200 episodes we have completed and looking forward to many more 100s."

We wish the entire team of 'Nazar' a hearty congratulation!

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