May 29, 2019

Harsh Rajput to play double role in Nazar

Harsh Rajput, who is currently seen playing half-human-half-devil in Gul Khan's Nazar will be seen playing double role in the show. We heard, the supernatural drama will see a new entry in the form of Ansh's (Harsh Rajput) twin brother.

Dayaan Mohana (Antara Biswas) had given birth to twins Karan and Ansh. She disowned Karan because he was physically disabled. Till now she managed to keep this a secret, however, in the upcoming episodes Ansh will meet his brother. Talking about the upcoming twist Harsh said, "Ansh was trying to save Piya (Niyati Fatnani) and Munna (Kiara Bhanushali) after the car accident. While he was trying to lift the car, he saw a helping hand. He will be shocked and surprised after he saw the face of unknown savior." 

When quizzed how easy or difficult it is for an actor to essay a double-role in a daily soap, Harsh said, "Honestly it was tough since Karan and Ansh are poles apart, also I have never portrayed double-role before. The character nuances like walking, way of talking and expressions are different. It's almost a year, since I am playing the role of Ansh, so I need to make sure to look and act differently while playing Karan."

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