May 13, 2019

'Nazar' actress Sonyaa love dressing up as a bride..

Gul Khan's popular drama 'Nazar' is gearing up for an interesting track where in the upcoming episodes, Ruby (Sonyaa Ayodhya) will again get married to Ansh (Harsh Rajput).

According to our sources, "Kohra (Ritu Shivpuri) will give poison to Ansh's family. In order to save them, Ansh will have to go back to the past after killing them in the present. After traveling backwards in time, he will yet again meet Ruby and will get smitten by her. Ruby, who died earlier, while saving Ansh will get another opportunity to remarry her 'sugar lips'."

When contacted Sonyaa said, "I cannot reveal much, all I can say is some high voltage drama is going to happen. Later Ansh and Ruby get married."

The ex-Miss India, New Zealand seems elated, since she loves getting married on-screen. The pretty actress quipped, "When I was told that Ruby is going to get married again, I was thrilled since I love dressing up as a bride."

Watch out this space for further updates.

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