August 01, 2019

Bulley Shah's 'Rab Rab Karde Budhe Hoo Gaye' Meaning In English..

रब-रब करदे बुड्ढे हो गए, मुल्ला पंडित सारे.  
रब दा खोज खरा न लब्बा, सजदे कर कर हारे..

रब ते तेरे अन्दर वसदा, विच कुरान इशारे. .
बुल्ले शाह! रब ओनु मिल सी, जेडा अपने नफ्स नु मारे..

Rab rab karde budhe ho gaye, Mulla Pandat saray.
Rab da khooj khurra na lubha, sajde kar kar haare..

Rab te tere andar wasda, wich Quraan ishaare..
'Bulleh Shah'! Rab unho milsi jhehra apne nafs nu mare..

English Translation
The mullas and pandits became old while chanting God's name.
They got exhausted praying all their life, but didn't find God anywhere..

As Quraan illustrates, God resides inside us.
Bulley Shah says those who surrender their ego are the ones who'll find God..

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