October 08, 2019

#ShubhoBijoya: Why we are not God fearing people?

God fearing? Naah...we are good loving people!

If we were God fearing, we couldn't get the courage to request the Goddess to wake up on Mahalaya, so that she can start her journey from Kailash to visit her mother Menoka and father Giriraj, along with her sons Kartik and Ganesh, daughters Lakshmi and Saraswati. I am not ashamed to admit that I even pull her cheeks while chanting ''जागो दुर्गा, जागो दशोप्रहर धारिणी, अभयशक्ति बलप्रदायिनी तुमि जागो' 🙊

If we were God fearing, we couldn't bring and treat the divine mother as our own family member, as our own beloved daughter🤗

If we were God fearing, we couldn't have the guts to even touch her, but we pour our heart, bow down in devotion and reverence, hug & cry like a mother, who is sending her daughter to her in-laws house on Dussehara.

We share a beautiful relationship with Maa, a relationship which is purely based on love. That's why we are not God fearing, WE ARE GOD LOVING!!💖

Thank You Maa. With a grateful heart and tears of joy saying Good Bye to you. Make us worthy and fill our heart, mind and soul with pure love and peace✨

Bye bye Maa! See you next year 🌺
-K Himaanshu Shuklaa..

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