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Who is K Himaanshu Shuklaa?

K Himaanshu Shuklaa is an Indian writer, blogger and publicist for Television actors and celebrities such as Ankita Karan Patel, Santosh Shukla and Sara Khan whose name was involved with another Television actress Pooja Bose in a Lesbian kiss controversy which was later cleared by Shuklaa.

Shuklaa was the only publicist who organized a photo shoot where a 7 year old boy Chandresh Gurubhai Thakkar clicked photographs of actress Sunny Leone and got his name listed in Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2017, veteran actress Farida Jalal was the victim of a death hoax. On 19 February, rumours did the rounds that she had died. Annoyed, the lady asked her publicist to put the rumours to rest, Shuklaa was the key publicist to end the fake death rumors.

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  1. Is jeannie aur Juju ending??? :( March 8 2014

  2. Is jeannie aur Juju ending??? :( March 8 2014

  3. Please have a system in place to monitor abusive and derogatory comments on your page. It is sick how some people are using your TRP page to bash and filthy words are used. U have to understand that young people visit this page and it leaves a bad impression on them . Please do something about this nuisance .. Even TOI is now monitoring comments on their page.

  4. Adding to the above post ..Or maybe issue a soft warning that bashing will not be tolerated. Fans of these shows from UK and USA are visiting this page and it is sick to see how an actress is bashed. Please do something about it . It is a request from a parent whose daughter visits this page and feels disgusted everytime she does ! God bless

  5. himaanshu sir u r great

  6. hello gurmeet ; please open your eyes :you work very hard you you you work not not not debina please please please what you do is not beneficiale for you carriere please open your eyes please please


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