October 29, 2009

I Only Can Smile Back...

When your boss gives you a firm thumbs up and say thanks for a job well done(…like my ex-module lead Ankit gives), how would you feel?

I know it felt so great to be appreciated and knowing that I have done something right. I haven't have this feeling for a very, very long time while working for ‘***a**’. Because nobody gives a shit if you are doing things right there, but they give you 2 shits if you did minor mistakes and deep shit if it's a big one(...I face exactly same while working under my previous module lead Y***ni). That’s one of the reason why I left ‘***a**’.

I was asked zillions of times, if I regretted leaving ‘***a**’, my answer is plain straightforward and simple, *NO, in fact, I could have left a lot earlier. Having the opportunity to work in ‘***a**’was awesome/ breathtaking, but it was even greater to have been there and out. I bring with me valuable lessons, contacts, networks, hands-on reel life work experiences, and they all seems useful to me now.

From CEO of ‘***a**’ to security guard, from directors to ward kaka each and every one are like family to me (...thats the only reason why I still work as freelancer whenever ‘***a**’ needs me).

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

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