October 05, 2009

Today I got so angry...

Today I got so angry, That I almost cried.
Today's the day I realized,That our love has died.

I think of you a lot, In all different ways.
But you never made a call.

I was hoping we would keep in touch,
And stay really good friends.
But it seems you don't care, And now everything's come to an end.

Know that I sit here and ponder, Of what I thought was true.
I finally believed in happiness, I saw it all in you.
But now that you are gone, I wonder if you think of me.
Is your heart broken, Am I ever in your dreams?

You cut things off so suddenly, Like you never even cared.
You once told me you did, But the feelings were never there.

Why would you tell me,The different things you felt.
If in the very end, You left on me a welt.

I don't think you noticed, How much I cared for you.
When we had that conversation, Everything I said was true.

I thought you felt the same, That's what you expressed to me.
But now I know it was a lie. All just painful memories.

Today I got so angry, That I almost cried.
Today's the day I realized, That our love has died.


Anonymous said...

Mehu will surely kill u if u again post such sad sad blog.

this time no hugs n kisses x-(

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Panchoo, most of the posts are sad.I will help you in killing, if Mehi again post such sad blogs.

Yours Brother,

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