November 19, 2009

World Day for the prevention of Child Abuse

19 November is World Day for the prevention of Child Abuse.

Sexual abuse of children is frightening, upsetting, often unimaginable and incredible & an disgusting crime. While it's the moral obligation for adults to ensure children are protected, we remain silent. More often than not for plain selfish reasons. The discomfort caused if acknowledged, the denial that our children can be sexually abused, family reputation at stake, sheer innocence. Then there’s the quietness of the children. Because of the manipulation, ignorance, fear.

A silenced vulnerable child & a silent non-protective environment-working to an abuser’s advantage. Since usually victims are their relatives, neighbors, students, friends etc.

I saw these statistics on child abuse while surfing internet and I think it’s shocking!!!

It is not only figures such as 1 million children each year are forced into the sex trade, but it is also the abuse that surrounds us in our daily lives amongst people we know that we often tend to turn a blind eye to.
  • Most child abuse happens in the child’s home. It is therefore often unreported, unseen, and the children often remain silent, feeling shamed and guilty.

  • Of the rapes and sexual abuse reported of children under 12 years, 90% of the victims knew their perpetrator

  • Child abuse occurs at all socio-economic levels of society, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.

  • One third of abused and neglected children will go on to abuse and neglect their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.

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Kaaya Thapliyal said...

Child abuse does not go away, but 90 percent of child abuse is preventable.

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