January 25, 2010

Show your true Indian sprit...

Today we got small tricolor while entering into my company premises. I was shocked to see some stupid fellows pined that tricolor upside down on their shirts. I was more shocked when a I reminded to a guy (one of  project lead in my project) that he tied tricolor upside down, that stupid replied ‘nahi green strip upar aata hai’. I was pissed up after hearing this, WTF he even do not know the sequence of colors. I was fed up because I saw some more fellows pined tricolor wrongly on their shirts. I send this email to my whole project group and also posted that on our company discussion forum that we call ‘Buzz’.

Good Morning Buddies,

January 26th is coming and we are riding on the waves of patriotism. And why not? Aren’t we patriotic? Every corner, every crossroad, every shop, and every car sports the TRICOLOUR- THE SYMBOL OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY. The spirit of a True Indian.

And what on 27th ? Gone is the republic day and gone with it is our patriotism, and like True Indian we unceremoniously dump the national flag to the dustbin that is if we are a responsible citizen, or in most of the cases it is thrown on the road, in the gutter, or left to be trampled upon by the lucky patriots. In keeping with true spirit of the Indian Culture we do not even hesitate to tear it after all its just the tricolor. The lucky few flags that are left untouched by the “True Indian” hang midway down the pole mourning the rape of the “symbol of free India”.

Today we got tricolor, that tricolor is not piece of colored paper it’s a symbol of national respect and pride.I kindly request to you all, please do not throw tricolor we got here and there. Our national flag deserves a much better treatment. It If we don’t respect it who will?

As per Indian national law[Flag Code of India, 2002; the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950; and the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971], damaged or soiled flags may not be cast aside or disrespectfully destroyed, they have to be destroyed as a whole in private, preferably by burning or by any other method consistent with the dignity of the flag.

Hence I request all of you to kindly submit tricolor to security guard while leaving the office premises.

I think showing our patriotism on a single day is not enough, keep it also for the remaining 364 days. Tricolor needs to be respected all the year round, every day and every moment.

Hope I will not see tricolors pined upside down, thrown here and there or in dustbin.

-K Himaanshu Meehirs’ Shukla…


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love it ya... its true and i agree wid you... cheers...

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