February 12, 2010

What to Do If You're Alone on Valentine's Day!!!...

So Valentine's Day is coming, many people spend Valentine Day with beloved one. Some lovers express their feeling to be loved ones, even if the Valentine Day is not only the day to celebrate love with lovers. Valentine Day is the day to remind us about universal love(… not only romantic love). It is the day to commemorate St.Valentine sacrifice for his faith to God and for conducting Marriage Sacrament.

While chatting with one of my chat friend Martha, I found out that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She was very sad about it, but she said something that almost slipped by me. She said the worst thing was that she would now be alone on Valentine’s Day. At the moment we were talking, I just expressed my sorrow over the breakup and ignored the comment about Valentine’s Day. We chatted for awhile and then I said bye to her because I have to leave office as we have last bus at 7:10 p.m.

By the time I got home, I realized I was furious at myself and at Valentine’s Day. This girl has great friends and a very loving family. Yet, on Valentine’s Day she planned to be alone. Why? She didn’t have boyfriend.

It made me angry that she would be alone just because she’s single. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day discriminates against singles! The majority of the marketing blitz for it emphasizes being in a love relationship with a partner. The message is that if you’re single, then you might as well forget Valentine’s Day.

Nowadays most people interpret Valentine Day as romantic day. Many couples celebrate it.

Some of those who are single are pathetic about this day. They feel alone like me and Martha. Maybe you just broke with your beau or got a divorce, maybe it's been months since you've had a lover, maybe you're partner is simply out of town. Whatever the reason, you're alone on the one holiday dedicated to togetherness. I've went through Valentine's day alone more than once! It is so depressing. You feel like it's a holiday that was invented to make people that are alone realize they are alone.

Wait a minute. What’s wrong with being single? Think about it. I’ve thought about it and it makes me wish I could repeat that conversation with my friend. If I could, here’s what I might have suggested to him:

Well, here are some tricks to cope with being alone on Valentine's day :

Tip 1

Go see a movie. Not a romantic, or romantic comedy. Go see a horror, a comedy or even an action movie, but nothing that will make you think of love. The goal here is to put your mind on something else.

Tip 2

Play some computer or video games. That is always a no-brainer, playing video games distracts you completely from the real world. Plus, you can actually court that hot virtual beauty from level 4.

Tip 3

Play sports. You'll clear up your mind, and you can even let go of all the stress and aggressively. Of course, miniature golf might not be the best idea

Tip 4

Order take out or eat at home. You don't need to go out to the restaurants and see all those couples kissing and groping, it will just depress you more.

Tip 5

What’s so important about having a partner, when you have supportive family members and/or friends who love you? Get together with the people who are important to you. Call your single friends. Chances are you're not the only person you know who is alone on Valentine's Day. Round up all your single friends and go out to a movie, have a fun dinner out, and then go dancing. It'll be exciting and everyone will have a great time on a not-so-great holiday for singles. If you and your friends wants to stay at home then rent some movies, order some pizza, and have a movie night at home. You and your friends will be able to laugh shamelessly at your favorite flicks, and you'll be able to hang out and have fun together in a more comfortable setting. take time to tell each person why they are special to you. And then they can tell you something special about yourself. That’s sharing Love. Have a group activity. Like Pictionary. I don't really like Pictionary, but you get what I mean, right?

Tip 6

Go out clubbing. Most probably, there will be other singles out clubbing, all as desperate as you are to find someone to be there Valentine. So this is a great night to maybe pick someone up.

Tip 7

Online dating. Same as the clubbing, Valentine’s day is full of singles on the dating scene, all those people feeling alone just like you. Hey, if you don't find someone, you'll at least talk to someone that is almost 99% sure!

Tip 8

Buy or make a valentine. Inside it write things you like about yourself and what makes you special. But don’t stop there, take the next step and mail this valentine to yourself. If Valentine’s Day is about love, then why not express the love you have for who you are and the person you’ve become. You don’t need someone else for that.


Okay, I know some of you are thinking that this is a selfish thing to do. But if you enjoy flowers, why shouldn’t you give them to yourself? Let them remind you of what you have accomplished or what you plan to accomplish in this coming year. If not flowers, then send yourself a different gift as a reminder that you ARE loved.

TIP 10

Think about what would make you feel good on Valentine’s Day. You might take your dog(…if you have) for a nice run in the park, surprise a lonely neighbor with a valentine, fix a favorite dinner and eat by candlelight or get in touch with an old friend. Doing something good for yourself or someone else is a wonderful expression of love and a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I missed my opportunity with my friend Martha as she is far away, but I get a second chance with those of you reading this article. Don’t dread Valentine’s Day if you’re single. Remember that love is more than just being a couple. Sure it’s nice to be with someone special, but if you’re not, it doesn’t mean you don’t have loving relationships.

Being alone on Valentine's Day can be a drag, but you don't have to be lonely on this day of love. This Valentine’s Day pay tribute to love. Celebrate the love of whomever gives you support a family member, the friend who’s always been there for you, or even your pets!!!

Cheers ,
-K Himaanshu Shukla…

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Hitesh said...

Completely agree with you... I have spent most of my Valentines Days chilling with my friends :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice tips......
I have spent most of my Valentines Days chilling with my brother & my friends...:-)

Rupali Navale

Anonymous said...

like it

Anonymous said...

hope u will get ur valentine soon

Anonymous said...

ham ne maana ke taghaful na karoge
lekin khaak ho jaayehge ham tumko khabar hone tak

Anonymous said...

agree with u baby

Anonymous said...

nice write-up

Anonymous said...

nice tips shukla ji

Anonymous said...

awww lovely mauhh mauhhh

Selvy said...


nice tips. :)

will help lot people.

Palak said...

My mom is my forever valentine and I used to give gifts to my mom and my sister cum best friend..
And trust me, I never felt anything unusual as I truely believe that its a day to celebrate love, true love, for the people u love the most...

Anonymous said...

amazing article

Anonymous said...

beautifully written....thanks for the toips

Anonymous said...

Nice Tips

Anonymous said...

Superbly....I will fell the same...but not now after reading the above.
Also,Every day is a Valentine DaY !!!!

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