March 19, 2011

Enlighten India- November Issue


     Welcome to the first issue of ‘Enlighten India’, a monthly magazine that seeks to accompany its readers on their quest towards enlightenment in this 2.0 era. I could not think of a better time of year to launch this magazine than now when the festival of lights is upon us.

     The primary factor that draws me to read any book, magazine or the tabloids is the value that its content can add to my own life. I have always wished there were a consistent, pragmatic, unbiased and a holistic view that I could refer to from time to time, a guide that shepherds my mind into the pastures where it desires to abide. At times I have wished there was a voice to affirm or contest my choices during my own soul-searching experience. In my journey I’ve met many others who have harboured this same longing.

     In today's day & age almost everyone is time-poor. Who has the time to climb mountains and traverse far and wide to find their true guru, let alone sit at the feet of one patiently and imbibe their attributes. We prefer an array of gurus to choose from. It is our ambitious aspiration to offer enlightenment version 2.0.

     People from all over the world have started looking to India for the intrinsic wealth that makes a 63 year old nation an emerging global power house. There are many who have discovered paths to this wealth and we want to share their maps. We want to tell their stories and in doing do so urge you to start making, or continue to make your own maps to your own treasures within yourselves.

     Every story is wonderful and we want to tell as many of them as we can. In this issue, you’ll hear how Emiliano Collazo, an expat entrepreneur, found his footing in the Indian high profile leisure industry and how he holds up his ownwhile he juggles his marriage, a new baby, his hectic social life and the challenges of a  very dynamic market.

     We’ve also included informaiton about some random yet intriguing topics to spread awareness and dispel myths so that one can have a clearer idea of the way things truly are. There will also be mentions of noteworthy actions & happenstance and inspiring stories of extra ordinary people; big & small. Enlighten India will give credit to rising stars who have begun to come into bloom through the efforts of its charitable extensions and finally we share discussions that display the public stance in certain matters.

     I would like to thank my exceptionally talented editorial team without whom I would have never been able to share these wonderful bits of enlightenment every month with you. We hope that through our content we can strive to ‘Enlighten India’ & subsequently enlighten the world.

     As this Issue goes to press I wish most humbly & solemnly that we can be a hand for you to hold on your quest, be a guide for you as you draw your own maps, of your own paths, to your own enlightenment.

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