August 12, 2011

Karan Wahi to play new Anukalp in Ram Milayi Jodi

 As reported earlier the channel and production house have zeroed in on two options Karan Wahi and Kinshuk Mahajan to play new Anukalp in Ram Milaayi Jodi .

Now the latest buzz is that Karan Wahi is finalized to play the lead. He will start shooting from tomorrow.

Karan Wahi confirmed the news.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. I m glad, didn't want kinshuk there. Although would have been better if it was Angad instead of Karan.

  2. I didnt want KW to do it.. :(

  3. Great to hear that Wahi wud rock as Anukalp.
    But I would defiantly miss Nishaant

  4. Ohhh no KW :(( u deserves better den dis
    Anyways all the best for ur future !!
    Hope this show turns out to b good for ur career
    Luv u

  5. thanksgod Kinshuk did not got Anukalp's role .............good luck KW .........

  6. I think Karan Wahi deserves much better than this.
    But if it is his own decision then BEST OF LUCK kAran =D :)

  7. karan is a good actor.......he will attractively portrayed the anukalp's role

  8. oh god...wwats d production house ws best if angad come

  9. i wanted Angad. WHY NOT ANGAD????????

  10. i feel karan shouldn't do this.. its better for him to take up a new show...

    anyways, all the best karan


  11. He should have done a fresh show, which starts with him and end with him. The lead lady is so ugly. She does not suit with Karan Wahi. It looks quite unnatural that a handsome guy hooks up with an ugly girl and the show also looks like a story of servants. Karan please don't. Wait for a new show which matches your demeanor.

  12. latest news buds, some new face has been finalised


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