September 13, 2011

Raja Chaudhary does it again, had a fight with Santosh Shukla

Hello my choco chips, whatzz up?  Achcha tell me whatzz common between Raja Chaudhary and Rakhi Sawant? No cheatings answer fast, yes yes you are right it’s C for Controversy.

They are so sweet and innocent creatures, you know they survive only on Controversies. That's why they are called Controversies ke bhai behan.

My chichi poo nephew once said, 'Uncle Raja and Aunty Rakhi know the art to serve the same shit in different way'. Hawwww they serve SHIT cheee cheee.

My 106 years Uncle Sam called me last night, he is big time gosspier that's why we call him Chuglu Uncle. He said, "Beta shall I tell you what happened on the sets of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki?

I replied, “Uncle Sam I am not interested in the happenings of Chandrakanta, I am only interested in Shikha Swaroooop. But still you can go ahead and tell what happened there,because I don't want you to take badhasmi ki gooliya or Loose Motion pills.” He got Badhasmi if he keeps gossips in his tummy.

Uncle Sam almost jumped from the chair, I yawned and he started, "Maharaja Virendra Singh (Santosh Singh) was Makeup room and his makeup dada was trying to hide the 2 centimeter big pimple  on his right cheek. Make dada was fed up because he used more than 1KG of makeup but still the 2 centimeter big pimple is clearly visible. Achanak se phone ki ghanti baji and Santosh started blushing. He left makeup room and rushed towards the bathroom keep guessing why he is going there? While on his way to bathroom he was seen baba-boooing coo-cheecooing."

"When he came back, he saw Raja Controversy Chaudhary was sitting on his chair and using his lipstick to colorophy his lips. Santosh requested him politely and showed him the door. Raja said no no I will do my makeup first, see I too got small small pimples on my cheeks. Santosh's heart started pumping blood fast fast as his 2 centimeter wide pimple is still visible, he angryly said 'Raja bahar nikal jaa'. "

"Raja ji too came in josh and started beep beep beep, they we fighting like babies. The makeup man come to rescue and started doing Raja's Makeup with his Right hand at the same time he was trying to hide the 2 centimeter wide pimple of Santosh with his left hand."

"Finally the Makeup Movie ended happyly. After hugging Santosh, Raja said,'Beep beep Santosh you are my bhai beep beep beep beep.'

Now I am feeling releaved and got the pressure, going to the loo," Uncle Sam signed off and disconnected the phone.

You know my dear readers what's the moral of this news is that a 2 centimeter long Pimple can create Mahabaharts.

I called Raja Chaudhary and Santosh Shukla to confirm the news.

Santosh refused to comment and said, 'Kya har ek baat batana zarrori hota hai, Hum bhi insaan hai humko bhi to Pimple hota hai'. (Tu kya sochta hai nahi batayega to pata nahi chalega, media ke haath aur paaon bahut lambe hai babu.)

Raja confirmed the news, "We made our life simple and ended Mahabharat of Pimple." (See he accepted it, I told you na Raja is innocent creature.)

OMG these beep beep actors...

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

NOTE: The news may seem funny but the fact is that the duo actually indulge in a violent argument, where Raja almost hits Santosh because they had problem in sharing the same makeup room. Later they forget everything and become friends again.

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