October 11, 2011

Is TOI a puppet of Congress?..Check

Difference between "The HINDU" and "Times of India", Both of them have same source of news i.e PTI, but one of them i.e The Hindu showed responsible journalism by taking an impartial and transparent view, but the other i.e TOI , a puppet of Congress try to mislead the viewers with anti-Hazare views.

(Courtesy: India Against Corruption)

Check the headlines..

"Times of India"

"The Hindu"

Shameful Indian,
-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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  1. Times of India or Times Of Congress

  2. cheee this was not expected frm TOI to get corrupted like this fuck u

  3. disgusting headline by times of india

  4. another observations :
    1. the 'agree' button of some comments like 'TOI is a congress mouthpiece' dont work.

    2. the votes of 'agree' or disagree' button are always even numbers.


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