October 15, 2011

Gulabo out from Bigg Boss

The calculation about Gulabo Sapera to surrender to Pooja Misrra’s popularity has come true. Sapera is the latest inmate to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.Gulabo is iconic dancer of Kalbalia community in Rajasthan, she survived death after being buried alive as an infant.

Gulabo is not happy at all because of eviction, she was surprised she lost the battle of votes to her rival Pooja Mishra.

"I am shocked that an impolite girl like Pooja Mishra is still staying in the house, whereas I am out of it. It just shows that only ghatiya and bad people can stay there. Bigg Boss house is not the place for people who are decent and cultured. When I was leaving the house that batmeez aurat told me to tell everyone that she's not all that bad. She is quite insecure, she even went into the smoking zone smoked a cigarette and something else too. I am pretty sure she is on drugs. And then she started behaving like a mad person. Most of the people in Bigg Boss are double faced. I am thankful to Endemol and Colors for giving me an oppurtunity to participate in the show,” Gulabo quips.

Gulabo’s exit will boost tremendous confidence in Pooja. It will now be very interesting to watch what the bad lady has in store for other inmates and the viewers.

Be Blessed,
-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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