January 31, 2012

Daily Soaps Titles..uproarious in Hindi and incredibly funny in English!!

There as so many of Daily soaps on idiot box, I picked a few whose names just challenge the imagination in Hindi and even more so in English.. Most of the titles are long and the best part is that they are uproarious in Hindi, and incredibly funny in English (nothing offensive ..just kidding!!..)

Read on…

Na Bole Tum..Na Maine Kuch Kaha
Neither Did You Speak… Nor Did I Say Anything
(Aisa kya?..Kisi ne kuch nahi kaha? For God sake tell me who said the title? is it a silent serial? Haha..)

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli
Here I Played House House

Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori..Ram Milaayi Jodi

Tied With The Strings Of Love..Ram Matched Couples
(Titile sounds similar to 'Ram Milayi Jodi Ek Andha Ek Kodi'? Hainaa?..)

Geet..Hui Sabse Parayi

Geet…Became Estranged from Everybody
(Hainnnn…Then who are those people she chattered to on the show? Off course apart from Geet, whom she had long chats with every now and then.)

Maryaada..Lekin Kab Tak?
Boundary… but Till When?
(Shouldn’t it be ‘where’?..)

Mann Ki Awaaz..Pratigya
Voice of the mind… Swear
(*confused* Truly, too complicated to comment..)

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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