November 22, 2012

Happiness in small packages!

Episodic Synopsis – Day 46: As the day begins, Niketan and Mink are seen talking about Delnaz Paul  in the modern house. The two discuss how Delnaz never understands jokes and usually comes back laughing on joke two days after it was cracked.

The entire day the housemates are seen discussing captain nominations, when Rajev Paul goes up to Vrajesh Hirjee to talk about the same and the two crack up. In the afternoon, Rajev discuss nominations with Vishal and post that the two think that it makes no sense to count Vrajesh in since he usually doesn’t really stand by anyone’s side.

After the luxury budget shopping, Bigg Boss announces that Vishal and Karishma will not get to consume any of it since they were nominated by the contestants as non-performers during the task.

Captain nominations take place in the house and Aashka Goradia and Nirahua watch it live on their Television screen in the rural house. Post the captain nominations, everyone in the house questions Vishal about why he did not nominate himself to which he replies that he was doing it all since he had made a promise to Karishma and hence was just standing by his word.

Post the captain nominations, Karishma and Niketan have an argument since Niketan thinks that for the past few days Karishma has been behaving weirdly. He thinks that she listens to him and then goes out and talks about it to others. Karishma tries clearing it but all in vain.

In the evening, Santosh Shukla and Jyoti Amge are seen entering the rural house. Aashka is glad to meet Jyoti and thanks Bigg Boss for sending Jyoti in the house. Aashka is glad to have so much positivity around her and takes full responsibility of Jyoti. After Santosh enters, he talks about Imam and says that he did not deserve to be in the house.

As the day ends, Vishal is seen confronting Sana Khan about how she has been behaving differently and thinks that there are unnecessary gaps being created between the two.

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