November 20, 2012

Imam's insanity forces him to be thrown out of the Bigg Boss house

While it seemed that Aashka, Niruha and Imam were getting along well, surprisingly Imam’s dominating nature seemed to irritate his new housemates a little too much. It has hardly been three days since the mud house has been revealed and one of the contestants seem to have already lost the plot and fought with the rest, so much so that he has been asked to leave the Bigg Boss house. We are talking about Imam Siddique, the artist, choreographer, dancer rather the mad hatter who got on the wrong side of the other two contestants!

Aashka was seen talking about Imam to Nirahua and claimed that he would spread dirt around the house and his motto here was to play a game. She adds that Imam has been going mad amidst so many cameras around and wanting attention. Soon Aashka and Imam have a heated argument, the after effects continue till late night. While having dinner, Imam kept taunting Aashka on how she should not talk while eating and was also seen imitating her cry-baby behaviour. Aashka gave it back to him by talking in his trademark feministic style. Realising his mistake, Imam apologized to Aashka on camera and went up to make truce. Later in the night, he started hiding Aashka’s clothes and wore Aashka’s skirt.

Imam’s anger aggravated when Aaksha refused to break ice with him and chose not entertain his conversations. When Aashka and Nirahua reacted, his anger was aggravated and he locked the two inside the house leaving them to scream for help. Later hell broke, as Imam turned wild breaking the earthen pots and banging utensils against the house door and and covered all the cameras with towels etc.  At wee hours in the night, the creative team was forced to pull him out of the house due to his violent act! Well seems like the heat of this brand new house already set ablaze a fire that could only be extinguish by Bigg Boss as he decides to throw Imam our of the show on the grounds of bad behaviour and disrespect towards women!
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