December 19, 2012

Bigg Boss 6 Episodic Synopsis – Day 73 : Reality Bites the Bigg Boss house

 The day starts with the electric song – ‘koi yahan nache’. The housemates rise and shine with much enthusiasm. Sapna, Urvashi, Karishma and Delnaaz are seen cribbing about the newly formed common bedroom in the house. The girls discuss how dusty and dirty the common room has become and that the room is more like a dungeon due to the lack of mirrors and glass panels now. The housemates get done with their morning chores and get ready for an interesting day coming ahead.

Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living area and announces a confrontation task for Imam vs. the housemates. Both Imam and the housemates seem keen to take part in the task. Imam sits along with the three monkeys and the housemates sit right opposite to him in a line. One by one, each housemate expresses their problems or issues with Imam and his behavior. Imam apologizes to the first two or three contestants but remains silent till the end of the confrontation. Rajev, Karishma and Sapna exchange a few harsh statements with Imam that gets him really emotional. By the end of the confrontation, Urvashi gives him a hug and the rest of the housemates console him too.

After sometime, Imam Siddhique is seen crying near the washroom area. Sana goes up to him and consoles him by saying that it is human to make mistakes etc. Imam listens to her and asks her for some time alone. Meanwhile the other housemates discuss Imam’s character and doubt on whether he’ll go back to his erratic behavior or actually make an effort to change. In sometime, Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living area and announces the commencement of the LVA (layered voice analysis) task to all the housemates. Bigg Boss selects Rajev, Delnaaz, Niketan and Aashka for the same. The activity area is set up for the same and all the housemates assemble there and get ready for a reality check.

Rajev, Delnaaz, Niketan and Aashka go one after the other simultaneously and get tested in front of all the housemates. Lots of truth and lies are revealed by the LVA and the rest of the housemates enjoy the task. After the task ends, Karishma gets upset with Niketan’s comments about her character etc. Niketan talks to her and tells her that whatever he said was with context to the show and nothing personal. In sometime, Sapna talks to Karishma and tells her not to stress so much as whatever Niketan said was his opinion and not the truth. Meanwhile, Delnaaz consoles an upset Imam. After sometime, Imam is seen having dinner alone near the aquarium. Urvashi goes to him and asks him if he needs anything.

Bigg Boss then announces Aashka Goradia are the most honest person after the LVA and Niketan as the least. By the end of the night, Karishma comes to Niketan and says its okay for him to express his opinion. The night comes to an end with Sana and Vishal flirting across their beds before going to sleep.

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