December 26, 2012

Karishma Kotak leaves the Bigg Boss house mid week!

Another mid week evictions in the Bigg Boss house is set to leave all the housemates in a surprise. Karishma Kotak – the international model, will be seen leaving the house through a magical trick. Leaving the show mid way due to her father’s demise, Karishma got another chance of entering the house, and to her delight, the housemates were more than happy to welcome her back with arms open. Sadly, after her re-entry, her once-the-best-friend Sana, planned to swing it other way and the two parted ways because Vishal Karwal. Her chemistry with her ex-boyfriend – Niketan Madhok, was known by all too. Niketan showed his possessiveness for her all the while, whereas she continued to take his advice but ensure she maintained her relationship with other contestants too. The wild card entrant – Santosh Shukla tried his luck too by proposing her for marriage, which clearly made her the most wanted woman in the house. Being the most polite contestant in the house, Karishma never picked a fight with anyone in the house and ensured that she attracted all with her impeccable charm. With her sudden exit, the housemates are sure to be shocked, but with the competition getting neck-to-neck, a few happy faces are sure to be spotted.
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