March 26, 2013

Save water...enjoy dry Holi

It’s a well known fact that many areas of our India, including Maharashtra are facing the drought problem and this is not restricted to certain farmers, whose fate has been hit, but it also gives a message that the water reservoir under our earth is drying and we are moving towards the thirsty and unquenched future. Do you know 11,800 villages have no water? 16 districts have completely run dry... 2, 00, 00,000 people will be battling to survive. Some will live on the mercy of the Tanker Mafia, some will succumb...

In such circumstances, to fight with the black shadows of doubts, it would be necessary to bring internal changes. This Holi when you, your friends, family, relatives, building, society, neighbourhood... are in mood for celebration, think about the millions with parched throats & barren lives.

SAVE WATER...THINK! What if you run out of this vital resource & someone else waste it in the name of celebration?

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