March 20, 2013

Sony Entertainment Television launches a new fiction show- Chhanchhan

Mumbai, Tuesday March 19, 2013: Sony Entertainment Television (SET) has always been the pioneer in bringing forth to its viewers the various facets of a progressive Indian woman. And keeping with its promise of continuously innovating and developing new show concepts, SET is proud to present a new-age woman-oriented fiction show called ‘Chhanchhan’. Starting Monday, March 25, 2013, the show takes a fresh perspective with an aim to capture the minds and hearts of India’s forward-thinking women.

Produced by Optimystix Entertainment, ‘Chhanchhan’ is a story of the beautiful and vivacious girl named Chhanchhan (played by Sanaya Irani) who is by profession a dog trainer. She is a free-spirited independent young woman, modern in her thought but still deeply rooted in her culture. She stands up for what is right and raises her voice against all that is wrong. In complete contrast to her, is the strict disciplinarian Umaben (played by Supriya Pathak) who takes all the decisions in her household and sets the rules for her family. In a classic tale of the clash of cultural conditioning, watch two generations of fiesty women redefine the quest for a day when east meets west and the joys of life are fulfilled. 'Chhanchhan' is a story that will touch many generations of women.

Talking about the show Vivek Bahl, Chief Creative Director, SET said, “Chhanchhan is a refreshing and unique prime time property placed at the 9:00 p.m. slot. It is a powerful story of self-reliance, determination and family values told in a simplistic, real and light-hearted manner. The show captures every emotion of a young very fun loving, simple at heart girl who finds happiness in small things, and enjoys life as it comes her way. She has been brought up with modern and ethnic values and she loves to practice them in her day to day life in her own way. We are optimistic that the audience will accept Chhanchhan into their lives just the way they have embraced all the other Sony Entertainment Television characters before.”

Vipul Shah, Producer, Optimystix said, “We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Sony Entertainment Television, working on some landmark shows together. Chhanchhan is a different and an entertaining concept of a free-spirited girl who is a dog trainer by profession. She is a young feisty woman of substance, who is modern in her outlook towards life yet deeply connected and rooted to her core values. She is someone who loves listening to rock music but at the same time will recite the Gayatri Mantra every morning. She is someone who stands for what she believes is right and will not shy away from voicing her opinion. She is very much the Indian woman of today and we hope that our viewers will love every bit of her character and welcome her into their homes.”

Set in Ahmedabad, the show explores how the vivacious Chhanchhan applies her intelligence, plays her cards well and sets a dysfunctional family that she marries into, back on track. The cast includes a strong ensemble of actors led by the veteran Supriya Pathak, the vivacious Sanaya Irani who is paired opposite newcomer Farhan Khan, along with noted actors like Anang Desai, Arvind Vaidya, Shraman Jain, Arshima Thapar amongst several others who ably support the main cast.

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  1. This show is a copy of the movie Khobsoorat , also family drama saas bahu and then the guys husbands past will come and want him back say that he is the father of her child or some past will haunt chan chan and then the husband will say she is a filth to the family same age old dramas
    Doubt if Sony will jump from 5 th position to 1 or 2nd as no one can beat Diya Aur Batti & Saraswathi Chandra or yeh Ristha

  2. thanks for the pics

  3. I dont think sony is good for sanaya but i wish her show do good but i m lil worried and all jealous freak go to hell u guys r mad and u need treatment,
    Sanaya best of luck dear

  4. Seen some of the show but not interesting to us, Sanaya Irani you can stay in this show and we would want another IPKKND show with all new actors or MJHT show. We don't want Barun Sobti the idiot back in any show on starplus or we would end them. We want Barun Sobti career to end, like his fans ended our IPKKND show. We would want Mohit Sehgal to be ASR with another girl to play Khusi Not Sanaya

  5. This show on Sony won't survive, even with Sanaya Irani in the show, we not gonna watch it. Starplus is getting boring and we missed show like IPKKND love it so much and we only watch it for Khushi and not Barun Sobti he is a idiot and so stuck up now with a stupid attitude just because he now some Bollywood actor and doesn't seem to need fans anymore and in front of the camera his all kind and so innocent, he brilliant in fooling everyone


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