February 20, 2014

TAM RATINGS: TVM(TRP) & GVT(GRP) Ratings 2014- Week 7

Gross GVTs Channel Wise
  • Star Plus 701715 (728231)
  • Colors 503993 (424431)
  • Zee TV 457282 (495313)
  • Life OK 327726 (343882)
  • SAB 297178 (291599)
  • Sony 274603 (251650)
  • Sahara One 37219 (35896) 
Gross TVM's (Channel Wise)

STAR PLUS  continues to be above 700 Gross TVMs, maintains a distance of 198 Gross TVMs from nearest competition.

  • Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  2.7 (2.6 )
  • Ek Ghar banauga 3.6 (3.6)
  • Saath Nibhana Saatiya 9.9 (9.8)
  • Saraswatichandra 5.8 (6.7)
  • Meri Bhabhi :4.8(4.8)
  • Mahabharat:7.5 (7.9)
  • Diya Aur Baati Hum 13.3 ( 12.4)
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehla Hai 8.3 (8.2)
  • Pyaar Ka Dard 7.7 (7.0)
  • Veera :6.3  (6.1)
  • Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4.5 (4.5)
COLORS grows to 504 Gross TVMs (424 ) on the back of premiere of R Rajkumar which rates 11.5 TVM.
  • Comedy Nights with Kapil 9.1 ( 7.3)
  • India’s Got Talent 5  6.6 ( 5.9 TVM ).  
  • Balika Vadhu  6.8 ( 5.8 )
  • Sasural Simar Ka 6.1 (5.2)
  • Beintehaa 3.4 (3.5 ) ,
  • Rang Rasiya 3.2 (3.0 ),
  • Madhubala  4.2 (4.6), 
  • Bani 3.8 (3.8), 
  • Sanskar 1.8 (1.7 )

Zee TV drops to  457 Gross TVMs ( 495) after last weeks surge in weekday prime time.

  • Jodha Akbar 11.6 (13.3) ,
  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4.9 ( 5.1  ),
  • EK Muthhi Aasman 3.2 (3.4 ) ,
  • Sapne Suhane 5.6 ( 6.6 ),
  • Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori se  5.6 ( 6.1 ), 
  • Pavitra Ristha 5.1 (5.8),
  • Qubool Hai  6.1 (6.4),
  • Doli Armanon Ki 3.6 (3.9) ,
  • DID (Dance India Dance)   4.1 (3.7), 
  • Ba Se Badhe  1.2 ( 1.5).

     Life OK drops to 328 (344).
    • Gustak Dil  2.7 (2.4),
    • Tumhari Pakhi 2.8 ( 2.7 ),
    • Hatim   3.4 (4.2 TVM) ,
    • Shapath  4.1 ( 4.5 )
    • Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 2.9 (3.1),
    • Ek Boond Ishq 2.3  (2.7),
    • Savdhan India  3.3 ( 3.6)

    SAB TV is at 297 ( 292 ).
      • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah  7.7 (7.6), 
      • Chidiya Ghar 3.8(3.9),
      • Jeanie Aur Juju 2.2 (2.2),
      • Baal Veer 2.8 (2.6),
      • FIR 1.9 (2.0),
      • Laapataganj 2.2 ( 2.3)
      SONY grows  to   275 (252).
      • Main Na Bhulungi 1.1 (1.2) .
      • Ek Nayi Pehchaan 2.2 (1.9). 
      • Boogie Woogie 2.4 ( 1.7),
      • Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1.6 ( 1.3),
      • Crime Patrol  3.7 (3.1),
      • CID 4.6 (4.1),
      • Maharana Patap  3.7 ( 3.9 )
      • Jee Le Jara  1.9( 1.7 ). 
        • All ratings are mentioned in TVMs (Television Viewership in Millions )
        • TRP= TVM/2
        -K Himaanshu Shukla...

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        1. Replies
          1. sangeeta ji apko pehcxhan liye mene.. lol..


        3. Qubool Hai rocks

          love asya <3

        4. Yeh hai mohabbatein:)))))
          veeraa :)))))
          jodha akber :))))

        5. where is SANGEETA JI?????????????
          woh comment nahi dalegi toh pata kaise chalega madhubala rocks ya unrocks?? after madhubala wale unko apna p.r. bana diya lolz...

          1. she commented it first

          2. lol... toh lageche daar keh madhubala walo neh kaha hain anonymous banke rmadhubla rocks likhna warna logo koh sakh hoho jaega.. :D :D :D

        6. I am happy madhubala trp became low as compared to last week till rk is not back and we don't see our rk madhu together no madhubala

          1. aise bakwaas serial meh VD kabhi wapas nahi aaye..! i hope he gets better projects in life..

          2. it is not fair I have rk madhu as a single unit vd and dd should always be together

        7. I have a huge crush on Avinash Sachdev (Shlok of IPKKND-EBP) and I want to suck his dick.

          1. this has been reported and strict actions will be taken against people who intend to bring about such vulgarity in a public forum. Kindly refrain yourself from creating nuisance.


          2. aao mera dick lelo


          dhrasti is an excellent actress but made a wrong decision in staying with such a crap show with no story line whatso ever. she could have done rangrasiya. she would have been excellent for the show.. would have taken the show to a new height.. the story of the show is amazing but the female lead of the show is not good at all.. so skiny and malnutrition patient!! how i wished sanaya took up madhubala and dhrasti took up rangrasiya.. atleast rangrasiya would have been on the top.. here both the shows are struggling..

          people please dont take it personally.. analyze first and then start bashing..

        9. madhubala rocks
          it has drop frm (4.6) to 4.2 it's very lessv drop hope it's trps increase next week
          in Indian shows mostly it's hard for season 2 or new cast to get accept by it's old viewers so it will be hard for MB show too to get accepted by it's old viewers
          anyway hope the new casts gets accepted by viewers soon

          & loving Beintehaa it's a nice show too hope it's trps increase next week too

          1. EWWWWWWW...............sucha tacky show..

          2. do u think now the show rocks???...LOL...it has become boring to crap to worst!!..Only DD performance is good, others just sucks...and the new guy cant even say a dialogue properly!!!...i left the show

        10. RangRasiya Rocksssssssssssssssss..

          Really happy to see its increased TRP as it was competing with Quboolhai important marriage track... But it increased from last week. thank GOD....

          Madhubala rocked but not Now. After Rk quits jus stoped watchng. Now only Rangrasiya...

          1. even tina dutta would have saved the show.. god knows why they took sanaya irani.. even that tina bandariya looks and acts better.. :|

          2. me too, i stopped watching madhubala!!..the show now has lost it's charm!!...I dont know abt others but without VD (the x-factor), the show always missing something!!...but now who cares!!...iam sad for DD, as she is still thre in that crap show!!

          3. I really loved your comment steve auston

        11. I want to suck the dicks of all star plus male actors.


          2. why dont you all join some prostitute centres?

            you will even get money for doing all these..y do it for free?? in this sex starved nation character people like you are the only hope.

        12. I DONT KNOW WHY THIS FORUM IS FULL OF NEGATIVITY FOR TINA DUTTA! spare her please.. she is an extremely talented and good looking actress. if you dont like her please ignore but dont say bandariya chuhiya etc. you cant accept her skills infornt of that dhrsati and sanaya and thats why you all bash her.. but the truth is she is one of the finest actress the country has ever produced! otherwise she would not haveen in such a popular show for 5 years.. your dhrsati and sanaya' shows liast for maximum 3 yrs..so please think before you comment.. sick people.. learn to appreciate and not pull down people specially people who are etremely talented and good looking,

          After the end of Bigg Boss season 7 colors brought in two new shows Beintehaan and Rangrasiya. However both the shows have not managed to pull high numbers on the trp chart inspite of the positive feedbacks. A little birdie from the industry has whispered that Fear Factor may replace both these shows in the month of March, the shooting of which is in progress in Cape town. Only time shall say whether the two shows will receive an extension or will be pulled off.

          1. someone is playing a fool.. dont beilieve such rumors..!
            beintehaan and rangrasiya rocks.. it wont be off air anytime near in the future. this is to create panic. enjoyy guys.

          2. Your Little Birdie will remain little forever!!.Stop spreading fake news!!...Beintehaa and Rangrasiya doing very well and are slowly rising in TRP Charts!!..

            Till then keep dreaming with your little birdie

          3. this is not a fake new.. even i have seen this news published in a blog.. i just hope its only a rumor. cos i love zain aliya

            dont mind ending rangrasiya. but beintehaan is a great show.. suoreb acting.. they should rather end thata tina dutta's show.. eww that show is just so down market.,. god knows what they saw in tina dutta

        14. Pkdh ,beintehaa and yeh hai mohabbatein rocks

        15. rangrasiya rockzzzzzzzzzzz, Thank God for trp increase soon it hit will be blockbuster hit,going to rock...................

        16. Pyar ka dard hai is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! New entry of Apurva Agnihotri increased trps!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Now the Australia track is surely going to bring record trps!!!!!!! Cant wait to see pkdh in top 3 in its deserved position!!!!!!!! After all, its much better than the yrkkh and sns saas-bahu crap......

          JA is a good show too!!!!!!!!! And madhubala sucks!!!!!!!!! Qh has lost its charm...

        17. rangrasiya trp increases,gd news for rangrasiya fans........

        18. Jinnie and juju is the worst show ever. Meaningless story. Even small kids prefer balveer more. This show is of no worth at all. #Actors of jinnie and juju go and find some good work for you. #Ali you better continue wid ur #dadi role in CNWK. #Rubina can u plz stop boasting so much of urself. There are far better n good looking actresses than you on television.

        19. Beintehaa rocks!!..Best show ever!!..Superb Story and Mindblowing Chemistry of Leads!!..Its actually the most realistic show on TV ...Where Female lead Aaliya is strong enough to give back and is not a crying doormat!!..Luv Zain and Aaliya!!..Rocking Jodi
          Wish Beintehaa gets good ratings next week

          1. the show is good but the storyline is ntohing new. its again the same hate and love story! copy of ippknd pkdh n many more.. same concept.. highly disappointed!

        20. My fav.
          Jodha akbar
          do dil bandhe ek dorie se
          aur pyar ho gaya...

          1. eww...! collection of all tacky shows except beintehaan

            thank god u dont like uttaran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!even more tacky.. tackiest show rather i shud say..
            only wished tina dutta was in ranrasiya and sanya in utaran.. it wud have been so much fun

        21. eww...! collection of all tacky shows except beintehaan

        22. kokilaben urmilaben motabhabi
          gopi vau, rashi dikra

        23. Love Rangrasiya show but Color need to sort out the times slot for show to come on time, we wanted to watch Rang Rasiya and Beinteha show was on instead, sorry but don't like Beinteha show and this has happen 2 to 3 times now. Believe me TRP rating would have shot up even higher for Rangrasiya show but Colors at fault here and also we can't even catch up with the story line because Rang Rasiya show isn't available on YouTube for UK viewers

        24. We missed IPKKND show we wanted the show to continue with Mohit Sehgal to be ASR instead of silly Barun Sobti the quitter. We loved Khushi she was and is the best in IPKKND show and please bring back this show with Mohit and Sanaya please. Love Rangrasiya show too and good jodi

        25. We are Sanaya Irani fans and we love Rangrasiya show it's brilliant and the jodi too, Rudra and Paro keep it up Color but the shows should come on at the time stated, it's also 5 min late and when I set my recorder to record the show it's misses 5 min of the show. IPKKND show Life Ok we love the original version but you have ruin the show by dubbing it in english, please bring back the original version and we would love the IPKKND show to return with Sanaya Irain as Khushi again after fully completed Rangrasiya show and we want Mohit Sehgal to be ASR please

        26. I love to see RanRasiya

        27. Super show Rang Rasiya but Color Viacom you not helping us in the UK, we have demand all full episodes for catch up online but still NOT AVAILABLE FOR UK VIEWERS. Rudra and Paro awesome couple but we want after completion of Rang Rasiya, we want Sanaya back as Khushi and Mohit Sehgal to be ASR in a New IPKKND show pleassssssse

        28. Rangrasiya is super awesome show love this Jodi of Rudra and Paro, Sanaya is so beautiful, time slot is difficult to watch, but what can we say, hope TRP rating go up. Star LIfe Ok is the most stupid channel, it has ruined a Brilliant show IPKKND by dubbing in english, still was it because I love Khushi but they have ruined all the funny bits and the romance of the show. Stupid Star Life Ok.

        29. We love Rangraisya but we can't watch, Color Viacom because of time slot is difficult for us. We watch it online but the sound cuts off and ruin the show, then we rather not watch it. Please Color Viacom please don't cut the sound for online viewing

        30. Rangraisya is a better show then Beintehaa and to prove it, look at the poll for all the color shows, not the TRP rating, public voting and it's about 5000 votes for Rangrasiya and Beintehaa is about 2500 votes


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