April 23, 2014

Rajji learns to hold her emotions in 'Bani Ishq Da Kalma'…

A new day where Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga) are in the temple looking at each other and enters Parmeet(Gaurav Chaudhary) . Bani is in two minds to define things to Parmeet as it might have an impact on Sohum’s health.  Bani signals Parmeet to stay where he is. The pandit asks Bani – Sohum to take svenparikrima, Bani takes two steps backwards and stands with Sohum . Bani smartly makes a move and makes sure that the parikrima is taken by Rajji and Sohum.

Seeing this Parmeet questions Bani as to why is Sohum acknowledging Bani as his wife, Bani says she cannot explain him anything at this moment and asks him to leave. Parmeet is hurt and leaves.

After the temple visit the trio – Bani-Rajji-Sohum leave for home. Before entering Sohum asks Simran to follow the rituals before they enter the house,  Bani tricks again and Rajji enters with Sohum, meanwhile Sohum takes support from Bani to enter the house and looking at the  scenario Rajji has a lump in her throat.

Sohum refuses to recognize Balbeer (Nimai Bali) and Remone (Raymon Singh) however to this Rajji covers up saying they are our relatives this makes Balbeer and Raymon lost in the situation and do not have an idea what is going on.

Sohum questions Bani on why is Rajji here and not at her in-laws place Bani tells that Amreek (Ankit Modgil) whom Rajji was supposedly planning to get married has ditched and she is here for couple of days. Rajji stands near a pillar looks at Sohum and her eyes are filled with tears and controls not to break down.

Her situation becomes helpless, lying away staring at Sohum she falls asleep. Suddenly midnight Sohum has a nightmare and gets up frantically and yells for Bani, cannot see her husband is a terrible state Rajji goes to see him and Sohum asks about Bani . Rajji immediately wakes her up and asks her to spend time with Sohum.

Bani looks totally skeptical, but Rajji pleads her and says just for the sake of his help.

Stay tuned to see how Parmeet and Rajji are torn apart to have their loved ones back in Bani…Ishq Da Kalma every day at 10.30PM only on COLORS.

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