October 08, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 17 Synopsis: Bigg Boss announced Lambas as the winners!

Waking up to the tunes of “Dulhan toh jayegi Dulhe Raja ke sath” set the tone for day 17 in the Bigg Boss house. While the Lambas and the Babbars had successfully completed the previous day’s tasks, Bigg Boss assigned them with five new tasks so as to finally reach the end result and declare one team as winners.

On Day 2 of Lambas vs Babbars, the five tasks given to the housemates required Upen Patel and Sonali Raut to dress up as bride and Groom, take blessings from all family members of the Babbar family, get wedding album pictures clicked in five different locations in the house, take wedding vows, and inscribe mehendi tattoos of their names on each other’s arms. 

Strategically and tactically Lambas managed to accomplish most of the tasks given by Bigg Boss without causing any kind of physical harm to either team members unlike the previous day. While Pritam from the Lamba team smartly completed the task of clicking five pictures dodging team Babbar, Gautam Gulati was sharp enough to use his mind and tattoo Upen and Sonali’s arms thus completing another task efficiently. Karishma Tanna from team Babbars was at her vicious best and tried to irk Sonali and Upen by throwing haldi and water at them to spoil their make-up and costume.

Keeping their head on their shoulders and rage under control, the Lambas managed to showcase their potential with poise and intelligence. Minissha Lamba heading team Lambas came out as a successful captain but surely made some enemies as some of the Babbar team members took the task way too personally and developed grudges against her on losing the task.

Announcing Lambas as the winners, Bigg Boss also sent the most important ingredient missing from their daily meals since last two days - salt. The day ended with the housemates still waiting for Bigg Boss to send them their luxury budget items after a hectic day.

Will Bigg Boss send them their luxury budget or has he planned another twist in the tale for the housemates?

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