October 13, 2014

Pavitra Rishta enhanced me as an actor: Shakti Arora

From Dill Mill Gayye to Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Shakti Arora has come a long way as an actor. We got chatty with this brilliant actor, here he talks about his current show, love life and Pavitra Rishta's closure. Excerpts:

How does it feel to play a powerful character of RV – the share market scion?
It feels good to play RV. I enjoyed playing Ranveer as well. Ranveer was emotional, humble but RV is sarcastic, rich, angry yet loving. It has got many shades. The character is versatile, properly etched; hence I am lucky to play this role.

RV or Ranveer, who do you resemble the most in real life?
I am bit of both actually. I am humorous, grounded, and humble like Ranveer and RV too has all these traits which he is not allowed to show. But I am not bitchy or rich like RV. I don’t even have the poise that RV carries. I am a very regular guy.

How is your rapport with your co-star Radhika Madan, who plays Ishani?
Radhika is very good and chilled out person. As this is her first show, she is untouched from the negative side of being in the entertainment industry. She never panics and is very much sorted. I learn a lot from her. This is her first show and success has been served to her on a platter. So she does not have that air in her.

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Did you play any pranks on Radhika?
We have lot of fun and mischief. We keep making fun of each other. At times I just enter her room and pretend to talk over the phone saying, ‘Iss Laash ko thikane laga do’ (take care of this body and dump it somewhere). Radhika gets scared thinking I am some killer.

You had anchored a science show – Zee Q's 'Science with Braincafe'. Were you interested in science in childhood?
I liked science in school but wasn’t that inclined. When this opportunity came to me, I couldn’t say no. I learnt so many interesting things, like walking on water and other things. Every moment I used to learn something new. And with kids, you have to be on your toes because they keep asking you, ‘What is this, what is that?’ and you need to answer them. This show is my best non-fiction show. I am glad I got the opportunity to be a part of it for two seasons.

How does your girlfriend Neha Saxena react to your female adulation?
At times she gets jealous, but loves the fact that people love me. She has seen all phases, she has seen me grow. She doesn’t get angry.

Tell us about something romantic you and Neha have done for each other.
We are more of friends. We cherish each moment of togetherness. Both of us took lot of time before we said ‘yes’ to each other. We had to build that belief in ourselves for each other. Our courtship period was long as we were very good friends, it took us time to be a couple. Hence we just love being together. That’s more romantic.

You have learnt tarot card reading – how come you are interested in tarot card reading?
I have always been interested in occult sciences. Hence, when my friend introduced me to tarot card reading, I took liking for it and learnt it. Later it became my hobby and also profession. But now due to time constraint, I don’t indulge in tarot card reading.

How is your normal day like?
Normal day is very normal. I sleep whole day or just go out, visit a mall and watch a film. As it is difficult to get out in public, watching a film in mall is the best option. Actually for entertainment after from visiting a mall in Mumbai, there’s nothing else to do.

Tell us about your fitness regime.
I don’t get that much of time. I just pick up my dumbbells at home and do a few exercises. I take my dinner early and have green tea.

Any special fan moment?
Once I was shooting during Pavitra Rishta, an old lady approached me and offered me tea. She really took me to be to be Dr. Onir and addressed me as a Doctor and offered me to come to her house and have tea.
As Pavitra Rishta is coming to an end, how much will you miss the show?

When I joined the show as Dr. Onir, I didn’t realise its popularity. I just thought of playing a character. It is after I started to play Dr. Onir, I imagined how popular the show is. Pavitra Rishta has given me lot of fame and this I realised when I visited South Africa for a show and the love I got there made me very happy and satisfied as an actor. Pavitra Rishta enhanced me as an actor. I have gained a lot of experience.

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