October 01, 2014

#PyaarTuneKyaKiya: Will Pooja be able to forgive Aditya for his ruthlessness?

They say all that glitters is not gold. Aditya (Karan Chhabra) is about to experience this as his glamourous girlfriend Taniya (Isha Chawla) dumps him for better career prospects. That is when Pooja (Harpreet Chhabra) a simple, quite girl enters the scene to heal his wound. But there is a twist in the story. Pooja is yet to discover a disturbing secret about Aditya.

Aditya and Taniya are in a serious relationship since very long. But Taniya is a headstrong career oriented girl who wants to focus on the film offers that she is receiving.

One day, Taniya decides to move on in life and walks out of her relationship. Aditya is deeply hurt by the break up and wants to settle scores with Taniya. He boasts saying that he can get any girl he wants, to replace her. Aditya’s friends cash in on this opportunity to challenge him. They put him in a tight spot by asking him to befriend a girl of their choice. His friends choose Pooja from the Fine Arts Department of college who is a simple, ordinary and sweet looking girl- the exact opposite of outgoing Taniya. Aditya doesn’t seem to have any option, but to accept the challenge.

Eventually, he starts working out ways to win Pooja over.  While Pooja is unaware of the real reason behind Aditya’s affection, he falls for her simplicity and down to earth nature.

Will Pooja find out the truth- what she considered to be a true love was a mere bet? Will she be able to endure this shock of being used as a revenge tool? Will Aditya convince Pooja that he really loves her now?

To see how this story unfurls, catch the latest episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Friday, 3rd October, 2014 at 7pm only on Zing.

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