November 15, 2014

Aarya Babbar evicted from Bigg Boss 8!!..

This week in Bigg Boss, Gautam Gulati, Puneet Issar, Karishma Tanna and Aarya Babbar were nominated for elimination. Tanna and Babbar were nominated through votes of housemates, whereas Gulati and Issar were nominated by captain Diandra. All the 4 nominated contestants are story, so this week competition was little tough. Aarya Babbar got least number of votes from viewers and was asked to leave the house of controversy.

Gautam and Puneet are quite strong compared to Karishma and Aarya. Gulati is currently one of the strongest contestant, so it was obvious that he will not be evicted.

Veteran actor Puneet was thrown out, but was later brought back in the show. So it was again evident that he will not be evicted this week.

Tanna has been in limelight from the day one and is strong compared to Babbar.

Aarya failed to add the spice in the show, that’s why audience decided to evict him. He will bid a good bye to the Bigg Boss house in 7th week.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand wat set of public they tell tat they like gautam in d show .... He s so irritating to other contestants ...pranit was rit we can enjoy monkey in d jail but can u live with it.... May be he s strong cares damn water others think but when u r in a group u need to listen to all ... N tat puneet he does not need to be respected this much he doesnt deserve .... I pity d housemates inside because of d stupid public n these two puneet gautam all decent candidates r loosing chance ...

Anonymous said...

Thank god Karishma did not go .... She s so misjudged n tat stupid gautam s given importance ... Irritating ass he is

Anonymous said...

I think you are Alien..

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