November 03, 2014

Abhaas to die in Zee TV's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya!

We are sure this will be a sad news for adherent viewers of Director Cut’s show ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’ on Zee TV, Abhaas(Parichay Sharma) is all set to bid adieu to the show.

Virat (Bharat Chawda) will yet again made a plan to kill Raj (Mishkat Varma). Nevertheless, instead of Raj, Avni’s brother Abhaas will be killed.

According to our sources, “Virat revealed to Bhawna’s (Reena Kapoor) Umathgaon secret to Suket (Rajeev Singh) and everyone in the family. He then tell Abhaas about Raj and Avni’s (Kanchi Singh) secret marriage. Virat did this to prompt Abhaas against Raj, which would result in Abhaas killing Raj. Later, Abhaas accept Raj as his sister’s husband. In a fight that would ensue between Abhaas and Raj, both the men would fist it out, which would eventually lead to Virat pushing Abhaas off the cliff. After which he died.”

Abhaas death would come as a huge shock to both the families. Before breathing his last in the hospital, Abhaas wanted to say that ‘Raj is innocent’, but he would die soon after mentioning Raj’s name.

This will bring another twist in the show. Avni’s family will believe that Raj is responsible for Abhaas’ death.

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