November 12, 2014

Akbar to punish Salim in Jodha Akbar..

The trouble will soon knock the door of loveable son of Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar (Rajat Tokas) of Zee TV’s show Jodha Akbar.

In the upcoming track, while Salim (Ayaan) was trying to aim a mango, his arrow diverted from the aim and end up hurting a kid named Kazir.

After this mishap, Kazir will be in critical condition. When Akbar came to know about this incident, he will ask Salim to stay in Kazir’s family till he recovered. Jodha was left in tears after she heard Akbar’s decision.

Rukaiya Begum (Lavina Tandon) will try to prove this as just an accident. She will play a trick and throw an arrow at Akbar. After which Akbar got angry, Rukaiya explained that she was aiming at the objects right behind Akbar, but by mistake the arrow went at him.

Rukaiya will further go on to explain on how by mistake Kazir got hurt by Salim’s arrow. She request Akbar that Salim is innocent and does not deserve this strict punishment.  Nevertheless, Akbar stand by his decision and asks Salim to stay with Kazir’s family.

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