November 21, 2014

Doordarshan to launch an environment based fiction show 'Prakriti'..

Doordarshan National will launch an environment based fiction show ‘Prakriti’- Kudrat ko bachane ki jung from 22nd November. It is scheduled for every Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 pm.

The serial follows the story of the lead character ‘Prakriti’ who, against all opposition, opts for a job as an officer in the Forest Department. She hopes to find her father, who was a renowned environmentalist and who has been missing for almost a decade. Everyone is convinced that her father is dead but she is sure he is still alive and she sets out to find him.

She faces innumerable odds both professional and personal, and in the end proves that a woman is in not the “weaker sex” but, like any of her male counterparts, is capable of taking on and overcoming any challenges. But in doing so she also gets the biggest shock of her life. 

Unhindered, she wages an unrelenting war against people involved in decimating jungles and killing wild animals and supplying furs, skins, teeth and rhinoceros horns to foreign buyers.

Doordarshan National has lined up an exciting adventure story for their weekend prime-slot. It will be a witness to the innate wisdom, beauty of our ancient land and also carry a strong message for us all to be proud of and to conserve our rich environment at any cost.

Do not forget to catch the show ‘Prakriti’, premiering 22nd November, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm.

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