November 27, 2014

#JamaiRaja: Roshni and Sid walk out of the house..

In yesterday’s episode of Grazing Goat Pictures show Jamai Raja on Zee TV, we saw Rajveer (Vishal Karwal) got the courier parcel which contains non-vegetarian food. As non-veg food is strictly not allowed in the house, so Rajveer made a plan to accuse Sid (Ravi Dubey) for eating chicken inside the house.

After eating the chicken, Rajveer deliberately threw the bones inside the kitchen dustbin. Nani (Apara Mehta) by mistake touched the bones and made a hue and cry after that.

Durga (Achint Kaur) promptly blamed Sid for eating chicken in an entirely vegetarian household.

After this the argument will grow stouter. Sid keep repeating that he is innocent but no one believed him. After that Roshni (Nia Sharma) will put her foot down and fight back against the allegations chucked at her husband.

She feel that Sid’s self-respect is being blemished by her mother. Roshni will later yell at Durga for being rude towards her husband. She will throw all the money she would have in her hand at Durga and walk out of the house.

Sid will also accompany his wife, thus leaving the family members in a state of shock. Nevertheless, Rajveer is happy with Roshni’s decision of moving out along with Sid.

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