November 12, 2014

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season II concludes on an interesting note with Vasu’s love story..

When and where one discovers love continuous to be a mystery. Vasu (Aditya Singh Rajput) is about to discover his share of love as he meets Amruta (Neha Saxena) while dealing with certain bizarre situations in life. However the future of this unconventional love story is unclear.

Vasu lost his parents at an early age. Despite being raised with a lot of affection and care by his grandfather, he turns into a rebellious brat. Vasu grows up to not value money and uses his grandfather’s fame for his own benefit. Soon after, his grandfather passes away and Vasu is left to fend for himself all alone. One after the other, trouble seems to find him as he is pronounced as the only heir to all the wealth and property, however with a clause.

His grandfather wanted Vasu to learn the value of money and responsibility attached to it. Thereby, added a condition in his will about Vasu having to spend a year in a modest setting outside his luxurious comfort zone. Vasu, obviously is not prepared for this challenge and is hesitant to accept the same. But as there is no way out, hence he decides to go for it. After initial discomfort and troubles he manages to adjust with the situation and even starts enjoying it. All of this is only possible because of Vasu’s new found friend Amruta. She becomes his support system. Vasu fails to resist her innocence and falls in love with her. But things are not as simple as they seem. There is a twist in the story.

Will Vasu confess his love to Amruta? How will Amruta react? Will this complicated love story have a happy ending?

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