November 26, 2014

#PyaarTuneKyaKiya: Will Myra Be The Modern Day Cinderella?

In every girl's ideal fantasy world, she is a princess in search of her dream prince. Myra (Neha Bagga) is soon to find her perfect match in Siddharth (Kanan Malhotra). However, this fairytale love story has a dark side! Is Myra headed towards trouble?

An orphan raised by a convent, Myra is trying to find a job and get independent. Not before long, she gets her first job as a housekeeper in an affluent household. Upon reaching her workplace, Myra is intimidated by the luxuries of the mansion. Awestruck as she is, she decides to dedicate her life to taking care of the mansion and the owner, Siddharth Kapoor. However, little does she know that there are many skeletons in the closet? As time passes, Myra devotes herself to look after Siddharth’s every small need and well-being. As fate would have it, in the process they get close to one another and start developing feelings. But Myra is unaware of Sidharth’s well-hidden closet from the past.

Will Myra discover Sidharth’s secret? What is the future of this love story? Will Myra’s fairytale dream come true? 

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