November 10, 2014

Raj to disown Avni in ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’..

The drama proportion is all set to rise once again in Director Kut production’s show ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’ on Zee TV. Nevertheless, the show is gradually proceeding towards its ending in the last week of December.

We already reported by Abhaas (Parichay Sharma) track’s closure. After the death of Abhaas the major misunderstanding happened between Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Avni (Kanchi Singh).

Now in the upcoming track, Avni’s entire family will get to know about Raj and Avni's undisclosed wedding. After that Suket (Rajeev Singh) will proximately react and will end up rejecting Avni.

Avni will be shattered after this, but the major high point will come with Raj sending his divorce papers through a lawyer exactly on the day of Abhaas' chautha. She will even anticipate suicide, but will regain self-confidence. She wipe out her tears and will decide to walk on a revenge path. She will tear the divorce papers and will decide to enter Raj's house as a legally wedded wife. Her only intention is to ruin Raj's life by taking revenge.

Let's see how she will take revenge from Raj.

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