November 30, 2014

Renee Dhyani evicted from Bigg Boss 8!!

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It was time for yet another housemate to enjoy some of their last memories inside the Bigg Boss house. After surviving for 3 weeks, Renee Dhyani the second wild card entrant who was up against Sonali Raut, Praneet Bhatt, Ali Quli Mirza and Upen Patel for this week’s nominations got eliminated from this season of Bigg Boss.

Full of entertainment and a never ending energy, Renee came across as one of the most lively and bubbly contestant of the Bigg Boss house. Even though she hadn't made a close knit group inside the house, Upen, Gautam and Ali seemed to be her favorite. Renee's one of the most unforgettable memories during her stay at the Bigg Boss house was when she became the captain of the house last week.

When Renee entered the Bigg Boss house amidst a lot of drama and excitement, she was touted to be the wildest contestant of the season. But as time went by Renee was seen getting more and more confused as to what she should do inside the house.

Last week in 'App Task', Upen became the hero, thus was saved by the viewers. On the other hand Renee, who created a negative image because she declined to do the task. She had a major fall out with the housemates by refusing to perform the luxury budget task. As a result Karishma couldn’t meet her mother and most of the housemates went against Renee for the same.

Renne's emotional confession about her parents being ill also didn't work in her favour.

As a leaving note, Renee was privileged to nominate two names to compete against each other in the race for the next captaincy. Renee nominated Pritam and Praneet for the same. Leaving a mark in the form of a ‘Big Bomb’ provided to her, she did change circumstances for the nine contestants she left behind in the house.

How will this explosion turn out to be, we will have to wait and watch. However we wish Renee all the luck…The Bigg Boss house will miss her!

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