November 19, 2014

Why Rajveer is faking his identity in Jamai Raja?

Grazing Goat Pictures show Jamai Rajaon Zee TV will soon witnessed a huge drama when the IT officials raided Durga Devi’s (Achint Kaur) office and house. Roshni (Nia Sharma) was almost on the verge of getting arrested.

Nevertheless, Rajveer (Vishal Karwal) turned out to be the protector. He rescued Roshini from mess and decided to pay the officials a tax of Rs. 2 crore’s. Durga Devi is really obligated to Rajveer, and thanks him for doing this. Now in the tonight’s episode, a major twist will happen.

Rajveer, who until now has posed to be a rich USA returned guy will is not actually a rich guy as Durga and the entire family feel.

His sole intention is to take revenge from Durga Devi. He would pretend to be sweet in front of everyone, however he would eye the wealth of Durga Devi.

According to our sources, “Rajveer true identity will be revealed. He will be shown conversing in typical Haryanvi language to someone. Later, he would be shown taking the 2 crore from the same guy who pretended to be the IT official.”

The upcoming track will reveal, what is Rajveer’s agenda behind faking his identity. Let’s wait and watch what will happen when Sid (Ravi Dubey) get to know about this?

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