December 30, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 100 Synopsis: Puneet Issar couldn’t control his emotions when his wife Deepali clutches onto him..

A new day of Bigg Boss season will see the first challenger Ajaz Khan entering the house to challenge the housemates on their own turf. Ajaz makes way through the house claiming his carte blanche in the Bigg Boss house leaving the current contestants in a state of shock.

With Ajaz Khan’s entry in the Bigg Boss house, the dynamics of the show suddenly seem to be taking an unexpected twist. The housemates have begun to modify their strategies and device new plans to survive with the surprising developments in the show.

Day 100 in the Bigg Boss house will be known for it’s never seen before moments, as Bigg Boss has planned a day filled with excitement and delirium. In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task, ‘Freeze-Release’, where the housemates would have to turn to statues each time Bigg Boss commands them to freeze and can only move when released by Bigg Boss. All housemates would require abiding by the rules of the task except for the challenger Ajaz, who is tasked to work against the housemates and cause them to move from their steadfast position.

As soon as the task starts Bigg Boss announces the freeze command for all the housemates. At the same time, Bigg Boss lifts the restriction put on Ajaz and allows him to speak   As a part of the task, Ajaz  also has to act a guide to a group of people  who will be seen entering to take a tour around the house. Followed by the group of tourist, a very enthusiastic clown entered the house, eager to smash cake onto the faces of the housemates standing still in an affixed position.

But this wasn’t the end of the guest list on the hundredth day of Bigg Boss 8, as an unanticipated guest makes her way through the confession room and hugs Puneet Issar. It was none other than Puneet’s wife, Deepali Issar. Puneet couldn’t control his emotions and is left completely dumbstruck when his wife Deepali Issar clutches onto him after seeing him after a span of hundred days. Puneet was inconsolable after the momentous rendezvous with his wife.

As the Freeze-Release task continues to test the will and determination of the housemates, will there be more guests to enter the Bigg Boss house? And will challenger Ajaz Khan manage to Halla Bol inside the house?

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