December 12, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 82 Synopsis: Kissa Kursi Ka!

Day 82 of the Bigg Boss house starts with yet another battleground for captaincy. Ali gets fidgety and stays up all night while sitting on the ‘Kursi’ in the hope of becoming the captain of the house for the third time. Dimpy, on the other hand, tries to talk to Ali into giving her the seat. In fact, other contestants also join in and try to convince Ali to let Dimpy be the captain for the coming week but to no avail. Ali simply states that he is doing this for himself and not anyone else thereby dismissing everyone and their requests.

As the morning creeps in Dimpy continues to distract Ali along with other contestants who continue to support her. Dimpy plans to irritate Ali by bringing in “mirchi water” by threatening to put it on his face if he does not leave the seat. However, as soon as Dimpy comes close Ali, he stands up on the chair in order to defend himself. Taking full advantage of this, Dimpy takes her chance and sits on the chair while stating that since Ali technically stood up, he is right in usurping the seat. Seeing her tactics, Ali gets upset.

All the housemates tell Dimpy that her behavior is incorrect and unfair, but Dimpy is not ready to budge. Seeing Dimpy’s stubbornness, Ali gets irritated and tries to move her from the chair. Soon, both Dimpy and Ali are seen sharing the seat even as the cold vibes continue to flow between them. Not wanting to indulge in a huge fight for captaincy, the duo decide to leave the decision on Bigg Boss as to who, between them, will become the captain.

As the day progresses, Karishma is called into the confession room. She is then asked to rate all the housemates including herself on a scale from one to hundred. Karishma is further informed that the ratings are to be based on the individual performances of all the contestants during their luxury budget task “Party toh Banti Hai”. Karishma, though initially confused, firmly states her decision on the given sheet and scores the contestants.

Later in the evening, all the housemates are asked to gather in the living room area and are informed that the ratings given by Karishma will affect the luxury budget that they will receive for the week. Hearing this, Karishma gets tensed while the other housemates look confused because Karishma had clearly lied to them about the scores that she had given them. When the housemates hear of the ratings they have received from Karishma, most of them seem upset but choose to not react at that time. Karishma does not regret her decision, but becomes the hot topic of discussion in the house because of her choices. However, on a lighter note, Karishma’s decisions also mends some cracked relationships.

What will happen when housemates will get to know their respective ratings? Will have to wait and watch. 

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