December 19, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 89 Synopsis: Gautam outlasted Karishma in the ummunity task...

It took 36 hours for the winner of the Hijack task to emerge, as Gautam outlasted Karishma in the task and won the immunity for the week to come.

While both housemates showed tremendous heart and mental strength during the task by staying in their seats for over a day and a half, Karishma could not hold on any longer after giving a tough competition to arch nemesis Gautam, who seemed extremely calm and composed during the task despite of the fights that broke out amongst other housemates.

After recuperating and regaining their strength Gautam and Karishma were again at loggerheads when Bigg Boss beseeched for the names of the challengers for the captaincy task. While the P3G group backed Praneet and Sonali as contenders for captaincy against Dimpy, their resolution was met with stiff disagreement by Upen and Karishma who put forth each other’s names as contenders. After an hour of deliberation and debating, Upen and Karishma finally agreed to let Praneet and Sonali contest for captaincy as they haven’t had the opportunity before.
To become the captain this week, the contenders were made to stand on a pedestal and while withstanding the attacks of a wrecking ball at the hands of the housemates. While Sonali went out in the first attack by Upen, Dimpy almost retained her captaincy but was overthrown by Puneet, making the lone survivor Praneet the captain of the house for this week.

Under new captaincy, the housemates looked forward to a brighter and more positive week as Bigg Boss announced the ‘Snapdeal – Khushiyan Manate Raho’ task. All the items won during this task would be donated to Samparc Balgram Orphanage, a charitable organization for girls. The housemates made maximum efforts hoping to make the upcoming year and this Christmas a special one for the kids. In the first stage of the task, Karishma and Sonali were made to burst balloons by sitting on them and collect the Snapdeal vouchers to redeem the gifts. Karishma won the task and redeemed water heaters, water purifiers and mattresses as gifts. While in the second stage, Pritam defeated Gautam in unrolling maximum toilet paper and redeemed Geysers, Microwave oven and a Juicer Mixer grinder. The final stage saw Upen rout Ali in a contest to put ping pong balls in the cups, and redeemed a gas stove, a washing machine and blankets for the girls in Samparc Balgram Orphanage. After completing the task all the housemates wished the children a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

But the day did not end yet and soon the luxury budget task was announced by Bigg Boss making it a very busy night in the house. This week the housemates were rewarded 100 points each and 200 additional points for Gautam and Karishma’s valiant efforts in the immunity task, taking the luxury budget to a total of 1100 points. While most of the housemates had completed their chores of the house, the former captain Dimpy was asked to choose 3 members who would not be participating in the task as well as be deprived of the luxury items. Owing to their uncooperative attitude in doing their chores, Upen, Sonali and Praneet were deprived of the luxuries this week as chosen by Dimpy.

Under prudent captainship and hostile attitudes, housemates are treading carefully in their strategy for the coming week. To know who will survive and who will be ousted, continue watching Bigg Boss – Season 8 every day at 9PM only on COLORS.

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