December 22, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 92 Synopsis: The Wise And The Foolish

Every week, a housemate departs from the Bigg Boss house leaving behind a void and a few broken hearts. Praneet Bhat’s eviction and the first departure from the P3G gang has left his close friends mourning and in tears. Pritam and Ali are seen trying hard to cope in their dear friend’s absence. But the only way to survive inside the Bigg Boss house is to pick up and dust yourself and move ahead in the game. While one group is seen coping with Praneet’s absence, the other is regaling as its Karishma’s birthday and she cuts a plate of Halwa to bring in her special day.

Praneet’s eviction leaves the housemates without a captain yet again and Bigg Boss calls for a fresh election to select the new leader of the house. Captaincy has become the most volatile affair in the house and causes an uproar each time the topic is raised. Through his Bigg Bomb, Praneet chooses Sonali as the contender for captaincy upon his departure. However, Bigg Boss makes it apparent that even if Sonali wins the captainship, she will not get the immunity that the captains are known to enjoy.  By late morning, Bigg Boss announces that the other contestant to face-off against Sonali has to be selected by the housemates through a unanimous decision. After a long squabble, the housemates agree upon a name - Gautam - who will challenge Sonali. Gautam’s selection, though a surprise comes as a strategy because he already has immunity from the next nomination owing to last week’s task and the contestants feel that giving immunity to an additional housemate will not be in their best interest and will instead increase their chances of being evicted from the show.

Even as the two contenders prepare to battle it out against each other, Bigg Boss announces that the captain for the week will be elected through a secret ballot box. The contenders are given a chance to convince the other contestants on why they are likely to make the best captain. Unpredictability being the nature of the game, all the contestants including Gautam vote for Sonali, making the so-called ‘Laziest Member’ of the Bigg Boss house the captain for the very first time.

Even as the captaincy issue stands resolved, there is another procedure that the contestants are wary about– the nominations! Feelings of resentment peak as the contestants are told to apply black paint on the pictures of two contestants that they would like to nominate for the week. If the pain of seeing black paint being sprayed on their respective pictures was not enough, captain Sonali is given an additional advantage – to choose the one person whom the other contestants have not selected that she would like to put up for eviction! After moments of contemplation, Sonali picks up her can of black paint and selects her target for the week.

But the question remains, will the black mark on their picture leave a never-to-be-erased print on the contestants’ minds and heart? Will Sonali manage to keep a tight leash on the contestants in the house or will her laziness prevail as the others take full advantage of her inattentiveness? 

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