December 23, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 93 Synopsis: Bigg Boss ki ‘Bhavishyawani’

A typical day on Bigg Boss, every season, starts with a refreshing wake-up song but what makes today quite unique is the argument that follows between adversaries since week one, Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna. 

While bickering continues in the Bigg Boss house, the newly appointed first-time captain, Sonali seems to have taken her position a bit too seriously, as she hands out punishments to Upen and Gautam for breaking the rules of the house by speaking in English, making them do strenuous work under the harsh afternoon sun. Watching them from a distance, Pritam and Ali begin to wonder why the two men would obey the punishments bestowed upon them without any complains.

While on one hand Gautam is seen trying to avoid an argument with Karishma, on the other hand, Dimpy is also trying to irk him and get a reaction out of him. From dropping his jacket in the ‘Lost & Found’ section of the house, to interrupting him when he tries to eat some halwa sent by Karishma’s mother, Dimpy is leaving no stone unturned to ensure at least some negative reaction from Gautam. Seeing Dimpy’s plotting ways, the contestants in the house cannot help but wonder about her intentions and how far she is willing to go to target and instigate Gautam.

Day 93 is set to become one of the longest days for the housemates, as Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task, ‘Bhavishyawani’. In the 13 weeks that the contestants have been a part of the show, Bigg Boss has closely observed the housemates and borne witness to their extreme reactions and subsequent cooling down methods. Their moods and reactions to different situations and their individual quirks and habits have also created a mark and this task is designed to challenge it all! 

Based on his observations of the contestants, Bigg Boss makes certain predictions about the housemates that are bound to come true unless the housemates resist their personal disposition and quash those predictions to win the task. While it seems manageable at first to the housemates, they soon begin to understand the repercussions of the task, when they have to defy the predictions of Bigg Boss such as; all housemates will fall asleep at night, Upen will not cook all 3 meals of the day and Gautam and Karishma will not hold hands and dance. 

If that is not enough, Bigg Boss adds a twist to the situation by appointing Ali as an undercover agent to ensure the rest of the housemates fail at this task.

Will the housemates succeed in defying the predictions of Bigg Boss or will the apprentice Ali manage to create chaos amongst the housemates? 

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