December 03, 2014

Chirag gets to know that RV was present in hospital when Harshad died..

Chirag and Rishi are shocked when Ishani (Radhika Madan) takes RV's(Shakti Arora)side in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. Post this Chirag gets to know that RV was present in hospital when Harshad died.

On the other hand, Disha gets hyper on Ishani that why she is believing RV when her ruined their life? To which Ishani says, she is vulnerable at the moment so she can't see RV's point of view.
Manas and his family came for dinner, at time Ishani and Disha enters in the room. RV calls Ishani as Sunny, she was shocked because of RV's behaviour. She then tells the family that Disha needs to talk to Manas alone before commuting for the wedding.

After that, Manas ask Disha what was the matter? And why she wants to know we build an intrigue, that Disha has said everything but actually she kept it as secret.

Ishani ask RV, why he was behaving like that in front of family? To which he says it's not for her it's for Falguni's mom and her happiness. Ishani is now happy to see RV really takes care of each and every member of her family.

After a while, Manas  & Disha comes back. Ishani looks at them thinks that Manas has accepted the child. After this Roka rasam happened.

Laxmi instigates Amba to ask Ishani to wear saree in the house as she is not comfortable in it. And by the can have fun when she will trip in front of the family. Coincidently RV overhears this.

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