December 24, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 94 Synopsis: Contestants celebrate Sonali’s birthday with much fanfare..

What would a day in the Bigg Boss house be like if it did not start with a brawl? A prank goes terribly wrong and the captain of the house, Sonali, goes on a witch-hunt to find the culprit that has hidden her coffee mug in the lost and found section! After defying Bigg Boss’ predictions, Upen and Dimpy are suffering from having spent a sleepless night. Adding to this, Gautam and Karishma are sportingly defying the predictions made by Bigg Boss in the ‘Bhavishyawani’ by holding hands and dancing to an improvised version of “Dilli Wali Girlfriend”.

While the contestants work hard to prove Bigg Boss wrong, Ali continues to struggle to complete his secret task of ensuring that Bigg Boss’ predictions come true. However, Ali makes it quite obvious with his over-the-top behavior thereby making the housemates realize that his unruly behavior could be a part of an undercover mission given by Bigg Boss. As contestants continue to be suspicious of Ali’s behavior where he is trying to bring out the worst in them, they choose to ignore owing to which Ali fails miserably in accomplishing this special task given to him by Bigg Boss.

The festive season brings with it more reasons to celebrate as the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house come together to celebrate captain Sonali’s birthday with much fanfare. In fact, Bigg Boss also sends a delicious chocolate cake and some goodies for Sonali to make her day more special.

Bigg Boss also introduces the ‘BB News’ task for the contestants during the day. As a part of the task, the contestants alternatively turn into reporters and celebrities to quiz each other about their performance, strategies, fight and more. Will BB News reporters succeed in the exposé or would they pave way for a new scandal in the Bigg Boss house? And, will the media-wary contestants turn into some great reporters and get the real scoop behind the biggest fights? 

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