October 19, 2015

I had a great time inside the Bigg Boss house: Ankit Gera

Ankit Gera was the last contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house along with his Gujju bhai Arvind Vegda but had the shortest journey in the Bigg Boss Nau house. Riding on the unpredictable chance of drama breaking out, Ankit Gera entered the house alongside ex-girlfriend Roopal Tyagi being one of the housemates.
Mostly seen relaxing and crooning along with his partner Arvind Vegda, the two men quickly became thick. Ankit displayed his patient side by not only sacrificing his luggage for partner Arvind but also by dealing with his loud snores in the night. Ankit happily borrowed clothes from Arvind, donned tattoos like him and even addressed him as ‘motu bhai’.

The duo did fairly well in their first luxury budget task and won points for the housemates. Ankit remained unaffected by ex-flame Roopal Tyagi’s presence in the house but was seen playfully taunting her at several occasions. Initially he chose not to speak to Roopal  but got along very well with her partner Digangana. However, they further broke the ice and were also seen spending time with each other. Upon Ankit’s exit from the house, Roopal was seen crying incessantly clearly displaying her affection for him.

Speaking about his journey in the Bigg Boss house, Ankit Gera said, “I had a great time inside the Bigg Boss house and it was a wonderful experience. I was fortunate to get a partner like Arvindji who took care of me like a younger brother. I feel we made a great pair and I am going to miss him a lot. While my stay in the house was a brief one, if given a chance to go back, I would most definitely take up the opportunity!

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