October 11, 2015

IN PICS: Bigg Boss Nau House

After months of anticipation, the climax of the year will unveil itself as COLORS’ biggest reality show – Bigg Boss Nau launches this weekend. Double Trouble is all set to take centre-stage as 14 celebrity contestants charge towards a brand-new destination…the Bigg Boss house. Setting the perfect premise for the trouble to kick-start, the Bigg Boss house, this year, will include some elements that highlight the exclusivity and fun that’s in-store for the contestants during their entertainment-packed journey. This luxurious home, filled with outlandish and theatrical elements, for the contestants’ stay during the next 100+ days has been specially designed by art director par excellence Omung Kumar.

But before the contestants step into the Bigg Boss house and breathe in its theatrics, here’s an exclusive dekko for your eyes before the fun-filled package unfolds…

One maybe Lonely; Two is Trouble!
With Double Trouble being the flavor on Bigg Boss Nau, nothing is complete without its double. And the contestants will be unable to hide from its twofold elements. Be it double seater chairs, twin beds, twin garden seats, there will be zero opportunities for the contestants to find solo peace and solace.

An ostentatious mix of COLORS!
When your home is your destination for a long period of time, the one thing that you look forward to is comfort and serenity to rest your eyes. This year, the Bigg Boss lair is covered in lively hues of fluorescent, tones of white and sky blue, which will make hearts soar and soothe the tired eyes of the viewers and the troubled eyes of the contestants.

Yin Yang of Luxury
Swimming in the lap of luxury is something that the contestants have never experienced in the Bigg Boss house. But that is all set to change as this year the Bigg Boss house will feature a Jacuzzi! Shaped like a yin yang, the Jacuzzi will calm the nerves and provide the much needed TLC for the contestants. But it also raises one big question. Will the cleaning duties also become double?

Bathe in Opulence
Bathrooms in the Bigg Boss house have been known to be the breeding ground for many conflicts and quarrels as contestants look at it as their place of respite, but often fail to find it. With a Moulin Rouge theme with large mirrors coupled with shades of red and gold create a truly theatrical imagery making it the most dramatic area in the Bigg Boss house. In fact, the grandeur and opulence of the intricately designed bathrooms could very well make it the contestants’ favourite haunt in the house, even with the ever-looming promise of double trouble ensues…

Privacy in a Balcony
Friendships and romances are known to bloom in the Bigg Boss house. And this year, there is a special space where the contestants will be able to escape to for those whispered conversations – whether to gossip, to plot or to find love! A special Sky Lounge has been created to give contestants an aerial view of the Bigg Boss house. But with limited space, it’ll be the perfect setting for secret conversations, friendly banter, and even romantic dates. In fact, the varied hues and café-type furniture setting an informal backdrop for gossip sessions adding the heat quotient manifold. And for the reckless wall-jumper who often makes an appearance, this might just be the first step to the outside world!

Predictions for the Troubled-holics'

When the contestants enter the Bigg Boss house, the one thing that they’re always looking forward to is a peek into the future and a glimpse into the world of freedom. Well, this year, the contestants are in for a treat as Bigg Boss has made special arrangements for the contestants to get an exclusive bhavishyavani from time-to-time. But is there a special room for this? And, will a special someone come knocking to deliver the harsh truth? Only time will tell…

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