March 16, 2016

Benaifer Kohli slams Shilpa Shinde for baseless allegations..

Lately, Shilpa Shinde who portrayed the character of Angoori Devi in &TV's show - Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai (which airs from Monday to Friday at 10:30pm) has refused to come on the set leaving the makers in a lurch. Furthermore, she has been making false allegations and floating baseless stories in the media defaming the channel as well as the Production House (Edit II). However now the production house has broken the silence and has issued a legal notice to the actress and also filed a complaint against her in CINTAA.

Here’s what the producer of the show Benaifer Kohli has to say on the baseless allegations made by Shilpa Shinde :

Shilpa’s claim on remuneration
Shilpa Shinde had entered into an agreement with us on September 2014 and the artist Fee has been increased two times till now on her demand. Furthermore, she has also been in breach of the contractual terms by reporting late for shoots, ordering her own costumes while there was a designated leading designer and arm twisting us to pay for the same. We have been giving into all her demands even though such demands are contrary to the terms of the agreement she has entered into with us.

Exclusivity clause, which she refused to sign
Shilpa wants us to allow her to take up projects on competing channels. When it was pointed out that the contract that she has signed with us clearly stated an ‘exclusivity clause’ she said that she never had the intention of adhering to terms of exclusivity. Post this incident, she has been threatening to quit the show if we do not waiver the exclusivity clause.

Difference in treatment towards Shilpa and her co-stars
This is not the first time that we have put up with her unprofessional attitude and it has now reached a point where this cannot be tolerated anymore. Shilpa has been reporting late on set on a regular basis unlike the other artists. She was given one of the best costume designers, but she refused to cooperate with them. In fact, she has made us replace and fire the staff claiming that they are not perfect in their work. She took money to buy stuff like shoes, jewellery and makeup. We supported her in every manner and in turn what we receive is such false allegations.

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