July 15, 2016

My mom always quizzed, ‘Why are you such a Saddu?': Sanam Saeed

It is testimony to a drama and a character well-played when audiences begin to refer to actors by their on-screen names. For the many Zindagi Gulzar Hai aficionados around the world, Sanam Saeed is Kashaf. Hers is a strong character and she’s managed to play it just right. Her portrayal of the upright, moralistic middle class girl who stares disdainfully at her frivolous leading man, played by the dashing Fawad Khan has been loved and admired by all. Zindagi, the No. 1 Premium Entertainment channel brings you the opportunity to relive the magic of Kashaf and Zaroon in Zindagi Gulzar Hai on 17th & 24th July from 2.30 pm onwards. The show is back by popular demand as a part of the #FawadFestival.

Ask Sanam Saeed, the lead actress of the show, if there are any similarities between the dominating Kashaf and the person she is and she responds in the affirmative saying, “I do complain a bit, but not as much as Kashaf. In fact, my mom always used to say, ‘Why are you such a Saddu (whiner)?’ Kashaf is a little silly and awkward, which even I am. However, I’m not as ladaku (combative) as her. I do speak my mind but not the way she does, I am firm in my opinions but I am never really as emphatic as Kashaf.

But that’s not all, there are many other minor similarities between the two…As a daughter, Sanam often has her share of chores to do when at home, as decreed by her mother. She also dislikes putting on too much make-up. Sanam is also not averse to hailing a rickshaw or walking on the street, a la the street-smart Kashaf.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is about Kashaf, a girl from a middle class family whose father had left her mother with three daughters to marry another woman to have male child. She has to face many challenges when she joins an elite university. The story emphasizes on an encounter between her and Zaroon Junaid, an attractive boy from an elite and damaged family, and how their story goes from extreme dislike to falling in love, to finally raising a beautiful family.

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