July 13, 2016

Zindagi to premiere 'Maaye Ni'..

The bond between a mother and her child is one of the most revered in the world, there is nothing a mother won’t do for her child’s love and affection! One such story of a mother – son relationship can be seen in Zindagi’s new show ‘Maaye Ni’, a touching drama of a difficult relationship between a mother and her son.

Written by Maha Malik, ‘Maaye Ni’ will premiere on 19th July and will air every Monday to Saturday at 9.50 PM only on Zindagi. The show features the beautiful Samiya Mumtaz and Fahad Mustafa in the lead along with the talented cast of Aiza Khan, Abid Ali, Sami Khan, Maham Niazi and Agah Sherazi.

Maaye Ni revolves around Sabiha (Samiya Mumtaz) and her son Uzaifa (Fahad Mustafa) who are uprooted from their happy existence, after the death of Sabiha’s first husband Faisal.  Later, Sabiha’s family persuades her to marry Sohail. After marriage Sabiha and Uzaifa start living with Sohail and his two kids. Sohail hesitates to accept Uzaifa at first, but later accepts him. His kids are very obedient and take good care of Sabiha. Eventually all three kids grow up and settle down in their lives. However, Sabiha and Uzaifa’s relation takes a drastic turn when Uzaifa gets married to Sani (Aiza Khan). The drama focuses on the struggles a woman faces as a mother, wife, mother-in-law, sister and a daughter.

Will Sabiha get the love and respect which she deserves from her husband and her son? Or will her sacrifices go wasted?

Watch Sabiha’s fight for the love of her children in ‘Maaye Ni’ from Monday to Saturday at 9.50 PM only on Zindagi.

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